Students on the rolls of CUSAT have access to lots of facilities and resources

The Library offers Loan service, Inter-Library Loan, Literature Search, Reference Search, Compilation of Bibliographies, Reprographic Service,Reprint Service, Conference Alert Service, New Addition Alert Service, Patent Information and Consultancy Service.

The Youth Welfare Department, a formal platform inspired with all talents and creativity helps to develop confidence, competence and compassion among students.

The Physical Education Department provides future generations with the opportunity to improve their physical and mental well-being through programs of athletics, physical education and recreation.

The CIRM act as the nodal centre managing all the information technology resources of the University.

The Guidance Bureau provides career guidance and disseminates occupational and vocational information to the student community so as to enable them to qualify/seek the kind of job they aspire.

Student Academic Information System provides information regarding the Academic performance of each student to their parents through the web.

The Scholarships are awarded annually on the basis of merit as judged by the position in the rank list prepared for admission to the respective Programmes.

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