The Social Being
Every oraganization has a human side. It is equally responsible for the welfare of the people, society and the country at large. CUSAT has outlined its own role as a benign social citizen and offers many concessions for the backward, the physically handicapped, the underprivileged and poor in the society. Opening up floodgates of opportunity for people whose sole assets are their intelligence, acumen and enterprise. Only thing that they need is an opportunity to show their excellence. Unfettered by financial and socio-economic equations and based only on merit, both economic and social. For them CUSAT has scholarships, reservations, financial aids and endowments. With a glow in the heart and a prayer on the lips the CUSAT family is proud to discharge its duty as a social being.
Government of India offers limited number of scholarships to International students for pursuing higher studies in India, through Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) attached to the Ministry or Human Resources Development.

Reaching out
CUSAT has complete facilities and support systems in place for making life on the campus a smooth and hassle free. Some of them are:

International Relations and Academic Admissions Unit (IRAA):
Offers practical and personal support, advice and guidance to both, current and prospective students.

International Student Advisor (ISA) :
For international students, a friend away from home for international students and their families during their stay in Cochin. ISA provides personalized support which will stretch even to organizing week-end social/cultural tours.

Language support assistance: Assists in arranging language support progammes in English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German and Russian.

Orientation Programmes:
A tailor-made orientation programme help students get acclimatized to life in Cochin and CUSAT campus. It takes care of minutest details, from campus tour, bank account opening to introducing culture and traditions, social events and life in general in the region.

Other services:
There are a gamut of other services like HR, placement, employment information and guidance, pre-arrival information, arrival and campus transfers, off-campus accommodation, outreach programmes etc.

The Facilitators
CUSAT has all facilities required by students for smooth transition to a successful graduation.

Hostel facilities:
The University has comfortable hostel facilities for over 1100 at main and lakeside campus for men and above 750 for women in the main campus. Exclusive accommodation for international students is provided in the Athidhi Bhavan. Off-campus paying guest accommodation in residences near the campus is also available for men and women. Many lodges do hire-out rooms to students on concessional tariff too.
CUSAT has state-of-art campus network support for the user community. All the departments are linked with a fiber-optic backbone. CUSAT is also part of UGC network project which has established a seamless broadband and scalable pan-India inter-University link.

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