Accommodation Facility for Staff

Allotment to Hostels/Family quarters is strictly based on the Hostel/quarter allotment rules of the University as amended from time to time.


  • Hostels for Non-teaching staff:
    1. Bachelors’ Hostel for men
    2. The Working Women’s Hostel
  • Hostels for Teaching Staff:
    1. Savanna Bachelor’s Hostel
    2. Savanna Family Unit

How To Apply

Application in the prescribed format may be forwarded to the Registrar through proper channel. The allotment is on the basis of service seniority and availability of vacant units.

Family Quarters

The Family Quarters is strictly meant for the family accommodation of the Staff member. The eligibility of each type of quarters is primarily based on the salary group to which the employee belongs and the service seniority within the salary group.

How to Apply

Circular inviting applications for each type of quarters will be issued from time to time and a priority list will be prepared on the basis of the eligibility and service seniority of such applicants for each type of quarters, which will be valid for one year. The allotment shall be done by the Engineering Department from the priority list so prepared.

Application Forms

Application forms can be Downloaded from HERE.


For more information, contact the Section Officer, Administration E Section. Intercom number: 2207