Centre for Science in Society (C-SiS)

Opened in


Located in

Main campus,CUSAT


Tel: +91-484- 2575039

The activities of the C-SiS include,
1. One Day Attachment Programme (ODAP)
2. Child Scientists' Forum(CSF)
3. STDP -- Science Talent Development Programme for school children
4. LSTP - Learning Science Through Toys and Play models
5. Condensed One Day Attachment Programme (CODAP)
6. Lab support programme (See the programmes link for details)

The Centre for Science in Society (C-SiS) was started in 1991 in the Cochin University of Science and Technology(CUSAT) campus in view of popularization of Science and Technology among children. The Centre conducts various programmes about science throughout the year. The Centre has its own facilities like library, workshop, computer lab, science lab, toy lab, science park etc. Children can touch and feel those theories they have studied in their schools. The Centre aims to create scientific awareness among children through play models. Apart from various programmes using the facilities of the Centre, there are seminars, quiz programs, visits to research institutions, University departments, industries etc. Students can do projects using the facilities of the Centre. The Child Scientist's Forum which meets twice in every month for the full year is another opportunity for the young scientists to get practical knowledge through seminars, projects, short visits to University departments etc. In One Day Attachment Programme (ODAP), the students can come to the Centre with their teachers to spend the whole day. The computer awareness and household technology course for the public is a two month-course by which any one can learn basic computer functions.

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