Women's Studies Centre

Opened in


Located in

Main campus,CUSAT



  • The only UGC supported women’s studies centre functioning in a science and technology university.
  • Established with UGC support in 2010.
  • Engaged in Research, Training, Advocacy, and Outreach activities.

The Women’s Studies Centre at Cochin University of Science and Technology was established in 2010 as per the UGC XI plan guidelines for development of Women’s Studies in Indian Universities and Colleges. The centre has adopted an interdisciplinary approach to the academic engagement with gender and its intersection with science, technology, engineering, and social sciences, supporting emeritus and post-doctoral research work. The centre has collaborated with various government and non-government agencies and institutions in its bid to create and further the awareness on various topics of interest to women such as safety, entrepreneurship, skill development, legal awareness, technology, health, nutrition, research methodology, well-being, etc. The centre has also engaged in research related to the issues of tribal women, marginalized women, women in unorganized labour, women engaged as frontline health workers etc. Apart from academic and research activities, the centre has engaged in socially responsible outreach activities as well. The centre has collaborated with NGOs and citizens’ groups in disaster relief work and in post-disaster rehabilitation and livelihood support activities. Harnessing its unique academic and geographic characteristics, the centre aims to position itself as an advanced centre for research and social action in the areas of women’s and gender studies.

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